Heroine’s Fully Loaded Nacho Supreme

Nothing compliments an evening of Netflix and Chilling by yourself like a big plate of nachos. Eating for two isn’t just for pregnant women anymore!

What You’ll Need:

• Leftover “Heroine’s Lit Chilli” (at room temperature) • Doritos (your choice of flavour) • Lettuce • 2 Tomatoes • Chopped Black Olives • 1 White Onion • Cilantro • Cheddar cheese • Sour Cream • Lime Juice • 1 Green Onion

Step 1: Prep your ingredients! Cut your head of lettuce into quarters. Using a grater, begin to shred 1/4 of your lettuce into a bowl.

Step 2: Preheat you over to 350º F.

Step 3: Chop your tomatoes and white onion and add into a mixing bowl. Lightly drizzle with some lime juice and sprinkle in some chopped cilantro. Set this aside.

Step 4: Grate a full block of cheddar cheese. If you’re lactose intolerant you can either stop reading now and find another recipe, or think of this as a new weight loss technique.

Step 5: Open a can of chopped black olives and drain out the juice. You can by whole olives and slice them yourself, but who has the time?

Step 6: On a pizza pan, add one layer of Doritos. The choice of chip is fully up to you. For this recipe, I’m going with the classic nacho. Over top of the Doritos add a layer of tomatoes/onions, then Lit Chilli, shredded lettuce, followed by cheese, and finished with black olives. Repeat these steps as many times as you desire, depending on the portion you want to have. You may need to shred more lettuce. Adding more lettuce can help your delusion that this snack is at all healthy.

Step 7: Once your oven has reached 350º F, place your tray of nachos inside. Cook for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese has fully melted and has a golden hue to it.

Step 8: Pair your nachos with sour cream for dipping. Chop up 1 green onion and mix it into your sour cream for extra flavour.

Now you have the perfect snack to distract from your non existent dating life.