How To Be A Successful Party HostHeroine

Tip #34: Wear deodorant. A guest shouldn’t walk into the smell of onions only to find out they’re not on the menu.

Tip #56: Greet your guests with a cocktail. It will distract from the clutter you forgot to throw in a closet.

Tip #89: Fill your medicine cabinet to the brim with prescription pill bottles. The first person to open it will get a mess of a surprise. Be sure to call them out on it once they’ve returned to the group. This will send a clear message to the rest of the guests that their snooping comes with consequences.

Tip #28: Invite both liberal and conservative minds to your dinner table. Fireworks will fly and you’ll be treated to dinner and a show.

Tip #47: If a dinner guest arrives with an unexpected plus one, charge them a $10 cover. 

Tip #72: Before deciding on a menu, asks your guests about any allergies they may have. No one wants to transform into Rocky Dennis half way through a meal.

Tip #16: Provide a dress code when inviting your guests. Sometimes just describing the party isn’t enough. A glittered crop top will always stand out in a crowd of black ties.

Tip #63: If you don’t want your guests snooping, close the door to rooms that are off limits. You can go one step further and set up booby traps ala Home Alone if you’d like. Bucket of water on a string is my personal favourite. 

Tip #5: Don’t invite more people than you can comfortably fit in your home. No one wants to feel like they’re on a subway during rush hour, having to say excuse me every few minutes just to reach the chips and dip. 

Tip #38: Ensure you have enough seating for all your invited guests. Offering a lawn chair or suggesting they utilize another guest’s lap are strongly discouraged. 

Tip #12: If you don’t want guests to break any valuables, remove them from display. A second option is to inform your guests, as they pick up or observe a piece, that it’s one of 7 objects in your home containing your grandmother’s ashes. Tell them she was a big Harry Potter fan.

Tip #59: In a group message, ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. If anyone responds asking for a vegan option, politely delete them from the chat. You have enough to deal with.